Make: Sensors: A Hands-On Primer for Monitoring the Real World with Arduino and Raspberry Pi
Make Sensors has photos of e-paper, infrared sensors, robot hand, alcometer...

Gain the know-how and experience to invent your own cool gadgets.

This primer bridges both worlds of Arduino and Raspberry Pi with excellent attention to details for the uninitiated. -Matha Goram (USA)

Want to build your own robots, turn your ideas into prototypes, control devices with a computer, or make your own cell phone applications? It's a snap with this book and the Arduino open source electronic prototyping platform. Get started with six fun projects and achieve impressive results quickly.

A Mighty Find [..] This is properly a hands-on book. I'm a teacher researching curriculum for my students, and the title sums up my view. They will eat this up like Kibbles and Bits. Score! -Amazon Customer "Science Teacher" (Highlands Ranch, CO)

With Arduino, building your own embedded gadgets is easy, even for beginners. Embedded systems are everywhere--inside cars, children's toys, and mobile phones. This book will teach you the basics of embedded systems and help you build your first gadget in just a few days. Each learn-as-you-build project that follows will add to your knowledge and skills.

Great teaching tool for introducing DIY with Arduino or Raspberry Pi. -Charles Rogers

Experiment with Arduino, the popular microcontroller board Build robots and electronic projects with easy-to-follow instructions Turn your ideas into working physical prototypes Use Android phones as remote controls in your projects Work with an uncomplicated programming language created for artists, designers, and hobbyists Get everyone involved, with projects that even beginners can build.

Very impressive book. Highly recommended!
Bassocantor "OracleMagician" (San Francisco)

A great book for beginners and for advanced to brush up on things and to look back on. -Charles Acosta "Charles R Acosta" (Chesapeake VA)